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Sit-N-Walk Sit-N-Walk

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  • Patented armchair exerciser
  • Addresses circulatory problems
  • Easy to use

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Patented Portable Foot Exerciser designed to help improve lower-leg circulation!

Are you worried about sitting around so much and getting very little exercise? It is clear, after all, that a sedentary lifestyle can have a negative effect on circulation. May we suggest Sit-N-Walk, a patented portable foot exerciser that provides gentle and beneficial exercise as you sit in a chair, talk on the phone, sun on the patio, or watch TV. It’s lightweight and convenient to use as you travel.

Get on the road to improving your health without buying expensive, space-hoarding exercise machines or joining an expensive health club. This device is patented and recommended by doctors (see below). Potential benefits the doctors cited include a possible reduction in the risk of deep vein thrombosis -- a blood clot that develops usually in a deep vein in a leg, often as a result of prolonged physical immobility. The Sit-N-Walk may also help offer relief from varicose veins and help to reduce leg swelling.

It is simple to use, mimics walking and is designed specifically to help increase circulation. There’s an easy-to-use tension control, so you can choose the level of your exercise activity. You’ll also appreciate the timer, step counter and calorie counter. Use it whenever you sit for more than a couple hours at a time. Just take it out and pedal. Also makes a great gift for older adults. Also features an easy to read LCD monitor with step and calorie counter, plus timer with alarm. Requires two "AAA" batteries (not included).

Medical Testimonials

"This device is an excellent choice for sedentary patients, [providing] needed muscular exercise for treating lower extremities, as well as to help prevent the formation of venous thromboemboli." Matthew Mischel, M.D.

"It has proven to be a medically advantageous treatment for my patients who suffer from chronic pain, neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease and geriatric patients. This allows them to obtain a cardiovascular exercise at the comfort of their home, avoiding weight- bearing heavy lifting and using their time efficiently. This has in turn caused less pain, less medication use, better psychological well being, and a sense of satisfaction by the patient." Pejman E. Shirazi, M. D.

"After several months of having my patients use this machine, I am pleased to report that there has been a positive response in my patients’ physical and mental health as a result. The patients have noticed an increase in energy level, muscular tone, increased warmth to their lower extremities and decreased pain secondary to circulatory problems." Todd Zang, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

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