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Personal Activity Band

Personal Activity Band Personal Activity Band

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  • Counts steps, calories burned, distance travelled & more
  • Can transmit info to friends, loved ones, caregivers
  • Digital display!
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Ensure that your daily activity level is where it should be with this fitness monitor!

You may be getting less exercise than you think, moving about less often than you should and covering shorter distance than you’d expect. Now you can track your daily activity level to find out whether you’re sufficiently active, to determine how far you went on your morning jaunt or how many calories you burned today. Get the real story and track your progress, set personal goals or fine-tune your diet.

This fitness monitor keeps an accurate accounting of your activity level for you. It records steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, and the total time you spend in active pursuits during a day. It even records your sleep quality: Are you up and down all night? Are you in a half-sleep and moving about restlessly in bed? The tracker knows and shows!

There’s an easy touch-screen operation. You don’t have to be a techno-geek to use this -- there’s one simple button. And, unlike most activity monitors, this one includes a digital display for your convenience. Unit is lightweight and small; you can take it everywhere. Wear the wrist band like a watch, use the belt clip on your hip or just slip the unit into your pocket, whichever works best in any given situation.

You can also share your information if you wish with friends, perhaps in a competition on social media to see who goes the farthest, exercises more or burns the most calories. There’s data sync through Smartphone or tablet.

Attn: Caregivers

This unit is a helpful aid in the care, fitness and health of aging adults living alone, seniors and the elderly. The information compiled can be forwarded via Smartphone or tablet to loved ones or caregivers, who can then determine how much activity is being accomplished, how many steps are taken in a day, how much the person is moving about -- even their quality of sleep.

Caregivers or loved ones can check the record and stay informed of progress or lack thereof: "I notice you were up and down a lot last night. What can we do to help you get a better night’s sleep?" Or "You did a great job of getting exercise yesterday! That walk in the yard was a good thing." This is a great way to keep up when you can’t always be there in person. Requires one 40mAH Li-ion battery (included).

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