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Good Grip Bowling Glove

Good Grip Bowling Glove

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  • Additional gripping power
  • Makes ball-handling more secure

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This glove offers additional gripping ability for bowlers of all ages.

Our firstSTREET bowlers swear by this glove -- including those still enjoying the sport late in life. The glove provides extra gripping power so the bowler is able to hold the ball more securely, without changing "the feel" of the ball or the release.

It’s uniquely designed for maximum ball control, resulting in target accuracy and a higher scoring potential. The revolutionary design also provides stability and comfort to the fingers and provides a consistent feel from ball to ball. It’s designed to eliminate swelling, burn marks, blisters and torn nails -- even perspiration buildup.

Everyone from the competitive bowler (is there any other kind?) to the church league "Boomers and Beyond®" will appreciate the no-slip, all-grip technology this glove brings to the game. It’s perfect for active seniors who still bowl but suffer some moderate hand or finger mobility issues.

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