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The Complete Massage Chair

The Complete Massage Chair The Complete Massage Chair
The Complete Massage Chair The Complete Massage Chair
The Complete Massage Chair The Complete Massage Chair

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  • Smart technology that simulates the expert movements of chiropractors and massage therapists
  • Full back, seat, calf and foot massages
  • Provides a more user-defined massage experience

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A massage a day in our Complete Massage Chair helps keep the aches and pains away!

And helps you relax and feel less stressed!

A soothing massage can be not only pleasurable but also helpful in reducing pain, muscle tension and stress. A good massage may also be helpful to sufferers of insomnia! And the Mayo Clinic even suggests that massage be considered part of a healthy-living regime. But can you actually get a proper massage from a massage chair? Now you can.

firstSTREET is pleased to announce our Complete Massage Chair. Based on the massage principle of "Shiatsu," it’s designed to deliver a targeted massage to the parts of your body that you feel need attention. Treatments are already programmed in for the aches and pains you have on any given day. What’s more, our chair was developed under the direction of a Wellness Council composed of chiropractors and professional massage therapists -- and, unlike other massage chairs, designed to operate INTUITIVELY. With that expert input, solution and treatment programs were crafted to address and remedy specific pain and stress issues. Coverage is exceptional from back and shoulders to lower legs and feet. In short, this is the chair that provides the "Perfect Massage."

The glory of this chair is not just what it does but how it does it!

You take a seat with the innovative Body Map remote control in hand. You view the body outline represented there, and you use the appropriate buttons to indicate where you want to target your relief. Like so:

Your lower legs are so tired and achy after a day of out-and-about or perhaps from a little more standing than usual. You sit in your chair, you indicate on the remote control that your calves need attention, and immediately a gentle, quiet, luxurious massage begins right in the area of your pain.

Your shoulders feel weighted down, tired beyond tired, and all you did was stand at the sink and chop the vegetables -- and, oh, yes -- stand over the stove, then set the table and wash the dishes. You collapse in your chair, you direct the remote toward shoulders, and the chair responds with a penetrating and enveloping massage that wraps around sore shoulders and moves in and around your muscles and loosens you up as you sink into bliss.

"Ohh, my back," you say to yourself after a little shopping trip or a long ride in the car. You sit in your chair, recline way back to exactly the spot that feels most comfortable -- a neutral-posture position to alleviate gravity’s negative pull and relieve pressure on the spine. You press the button and experience a rejuvenating back massage as close to a professional therapy treatment as you’ll ever find at home.

You’re wondering about your circulation because your calves seem a little swollen, and is that a little rash around your ankles? And should your feet ALWAYS be so cold? Maybe a bit of lower-leg stimulation would help. Slide your legs into the sleeves for a therapeutic massage that soothes the tiredness while working to improve circulation.

You’ve just finished shoveling the driveway or mowing the lawn, and your lower back is nagging. Settle back and let the remote control know where it hurts. Or, with a simple touch of the remote, move the chair into reclined zero gravity mode to help relieve pressure on the spine.

This remote control is amazing and in many ways revolutionary! And so is the attention the Perfect Massage Chair pays to your legs and feet. We all know that when legs and feet feel good, the rest of the body feels better, too. So to offer the best calf and foot massage ever, our Perfect Massage Chair has a design feature that ensures it: Cushioning and encompassing leg cuffs built into the chair’s leg rest. The cuffs envelope the calves and feet in a restorative and pleasurable lower-leg massage that includes both an amazing vibration technology and a unique aid to better circulation. This innovative technique provides compression and massage along the lower leg at different intervals, so that blood is not just compressed downwards but also alternatively massaged upwards.

The Complete Massage Chair is also a terrific reclining chair suitable for the den, living room or bedroom. It features modern styling, and the massaging leg cuffs hide away for a classic recliner look. Pick your choice of colors (black, bone or espresso), and your chair arrives at your home with White Glove delivery.

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