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Adjustable Lumbar Support

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Adjustable Lumbar Support is precious to a lower back pain sufferer - and hard to find!

Lumbar Support that’s adjustable is hard to find, but adjustability is a real bonus to sufferers of lower back fatigue. Our mesh support features adjustable frame and adjustable straps that let you set the level of lumbar support you need, offering cushioned and more comfortable support to the spine while you’re driving or sitting for long periods of time. It’s lightweight and portable, with an open mesh weave that "breathes" and stays cool. It attaches easily to your car seat and most any chairs.

Even for those without lower back pain, Lumbar Support can make for a more comfortable traveling or sitting experience, and it also can serve as a reminder for good posture. Buy one of these for your car and we can practically guarantee you’ll also want one for your home.

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