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Snow Ice Carpet 2 Pack

Snow Ice Carpet  2 Pack

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This helpful runner is designed to be placed on walkways over ice and snow to provide a safe path to walk on. It is made with natural fibers and treated with latex rubber. The two 10 feet long by 18 inches wide runners can be reused year after year.

With this carpet you will be able to provide sure footing for yourself and your guests during the messy winter months. Never again will you have to allow extra time to shovel, sand or salt your walkway and steps. All you need to do is unroll this rugged mat directly over snow or ice-covered steps, walkways or driveways and walk on it.

The carpet is made of sisal fibers that have been treated with a special latex rubber. This allows the carpet to adhere to the moisture in ice and snow. In addition, because two ten foot runners are included you can either place them side by side, or extend a surefooted path from your door to your garage. Best of all, the carpet is completely reusable year after year. At the end of the winter season, simply roll it back up for storage until next year.

Purchase yours today and never have to worry about slipping on the ice again.

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