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Angled Threshold Mat

Angled Threshold Mat Angled Threshold Mat
Angled Threshold Mat

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  • Makes doorways safer by providing a smooth ground-to-sill transition
  • Can be anchored for added security & stability
  • Available in 3 colors

Price: $129.95 - $199.95


Angled Threshold Mat makes doorways safer and smoother

This angled entry mat is designed to counteract the slight rise found at many entry doorways—often a danger to aging individuals and an obstacle to mobility device users. Made with 100% recycled rubber, mat is slip-resistant, eco-friendly and can be used with confidence on most surfaces. Beveled edges allow cross-traffic access, as well as providing an attractive, finished look.

Simply place it at the doorsill or, for added stability and convenience, mat can be securely anchored. Anchoring hardware is included, along with size guides for trimming for optimal fit. Designed for years of continued use, it withstands harsh weather and high traffic. Available in two sizes (Small 14"L, 40"W, 1.5"H and Large 25"L, 43"W, 2.5"H) and three colors (black, brown and grey). 850-lb wt capacity.

Unit is an appropriate size for both a comfortable soak and easy storage, and it’s also easy to clean. Comes with recharging cord, carrying case and 8oz of Epsom salt.

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