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Freedom Assist Bike

Freedom Assist Bike Freedom Assist Bike

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  • The bike that will get you biking again
  • Extra power boost as needed—it’s electric!
  • Easy setup, easy operation

Price: $1,695.00


Get back on your bike—No sweat!

Remember that first bike? Ah, riding a bike has to be one of life’s most enjoyable activities. Too bad so many of us stop riding as we grow older—and others don’t ride as much once it becomes more difficult. Now you can enjoy a bike again, especially if you need a little help getting up those hills or an extra burst of energy on the last mile home. Those kinds of concerns have led thousands to discover the beauty of power-assisted electric bikes—bikes you can pedal for as long as you wish, but that take over for you when you’re ready, bikes that make you feel like the wind is always at your back.

The Freedom Assist bike arrives basically assembled—simply attach the handle bars and you’re on your way. You travel 30 to 35 miles on a single charge, at speeds up to 20 miles an hour with a twist of the throttle. The pedals disconnect when the power cuts in. This is a very sturdy, well-made bike that’s assembled in the USA. It’s constructed of aluminum and chrome alloy: strong, yes, but also lightweight—just 46 lbs. The battery can be charged remotely or while on the bike. The bike rack holds 45 lbs. Perfect for a quick trip to the market.

Whether you’re biking two blocks down the street for lunch or off on a longer ride, you’ll have adventure in front of you and power behind you. (It comes with nationwide service, too.) We admit it—we’re in love with this bike, with its quality and with its look. And with the idea of getting back on a bike in such a splendid way! Freedom Assist is a Class 2 bike.

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