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Adult Bicycles and Tricycles

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Adult Bikes and Trikes can be great for anyone who wants to get out and enjoy the freedom of riding a bike but the stability necessary to you from the elements. Just because we've gotten older doesn't mean we can't enjoy the freedom of riding around on bicycles. Depending on your level of comfort and mobility, you might be looking for an adult bicycle like our Journey Adult Bike.

We offer a number of different options depending on your skill level and mobility. We've got single and dual seat adult tricycles, and both types of trike have the option of adding an electric power assist, a great addition for those who want to enjoy the fun of riding around but without all the labor required. The dual seat tricycle even offers the ability to ride with a friend, and it's got enough room for two people to sit very comfortably. Or, if you're feeling adventurous and just looking for a bicycle that's specifically designed with the comfort needed for an adult, check out the Journey Bike, it's a great option for those with greater mobility.

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