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Sweep Easy Vacuum

Sweep Easy Vacuum

  • Cleans up messes quickly & automatically
  • Delivers clean floors and clean air
  • Makes fast work of your daily sweeping chores
  • Activates automatically with motion detection (infrared sensors)
  • Tackles a variety of debris, from pet hair to food bits to dirt & dust
  • No more bending down or toting a heavy vac around
  • Totally touchless clean up-it vacuums up what you sweep to it
  • Works quickly and turns itself off after 7 seconds
  • Bag-less canister for quick & easy emptying
  • HEPA filters mean eco-friendly performance
  • Great for allergy sufferers and pet owners
  • Filters designed to last the life of the unit
  • No bags to buy or filters to change
  • Sleek & stylish design
  • You’ll clean more often because it’s fun to use and works so well
Only $129.95
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