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Designed For Seniors Reclining Bath Lift

Neptune Recliner Bath Lift
Neptune Recliner Bath Lift
Neptune Recliner Bath Lift Neptune Recliner Bath Lift

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Safely enter and exit your bathtub and regain your independence!

The Designed for Seniors Reclining Bath Lift lowers you securely into the tub, providing a choice of positions while you bathe: a firm back support allows you to remain upright, or you can recline gently and gradually into a comfortable, relaxing, laid-back (in both senses of the word) position.

Thanks to the fully self-controlled "recline" feature of this bath lift, you are now ready to return to a relaxing soak in the tub, with maximum comfort. At the push of a button on your slim-line waterproof hand control, you will slowly recline until you find the angle of relaxation that's right for you. The Designed for Seniors Reclining Bath Lift also provides more legroom than most other reclining bath lifts, even in shorter tubs or with taller users.

You’ll enjoy the soothing bath so much that you’ll want to take it with you when you travel or go away from home for visits -- and carrying it along is no problem. It’s compact and lightweight, folding flat for easy transport and space-saving storage. It also separates into two pieces for further convenience. These are extremely helpful features for those who need to remove the lift from the tub with some frequency.

It’s amazing that something so lightweight (it’s the lightest reclining bath lift we’ve found) is also so stable. You can tell it’s sturdy the first time you take a seat, and you’ll feel quite secure as it gingerly moves you in and out of your bath. And there’s added security in knowing that, thanks to the Stop-Descent™ feature, it won’t lower you into the tub unless there’s ample charge in the battery to raise you again. The lift is totally battery operated, so there’s no danger of shock, and of course all parts (except the battery charger) are waterproof, too. The large rocker switches on the hand control are easy to use by those with limited dexterity or visual impairment.

This lift is fully adaptable to individual bathing needs. It’s uniquely designed, with an open-base frame that won’t trap dirty water. It allows easy access to all parts for cleaning. The sucker-release handle eliminates any struggling to detach those ordinarily very determined suction feet from the bottom of your tub. The suction pads are also adjustable up and back to allow for a better fit in most tubs. The weight capacity is 308 lbs. 

Why wait any longer for the kind of leisurely, laid-back bath that everyone deserves to have?

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