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Aging in the Home®

The Aging in the Home product line is curated just for you...the senior who wants to age more gracefully in your own home or the caregiver who is responsible for making sure your aging loved one is happy and comfortable. From mobility aides to assist in moving around your house to lift chairs built for luxurious sleep, the Aging in the Home line has something for every senior.

Support Belt

Zoomer Chair

Price: $2599.00
Was: $2799.00

Get $200.00 off NOW

EZ Swivel Bath Lift

Designed For Seniors Reclining Bath Lift

Price: $799.00
Was: $999.00

The Perfect Sleep Chair<sup>®</sup> - Long Lasting DuraLux Lift Chair

Price: $1,999.00
Was: $2,499.00

Get $500.00 off NOW!

Zinger Chair

Price: $2499.00
Was: $2799.00

Get $300.00 off NOW

Snoozle Slide Sheet

Featherlight Pillow Lift
$149.95 - $229.00

Neptune Toilet Lift

EZ StandUp


Bathing Cushion
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