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Perfect Choice TV Listener

Perfect Choice TV Listener Perfect Choice TV Listener

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  • Get better quality TV sound at your own volume level
  • Won’t disturb other viewers in the room
  • Comfortable, pillow-soft headphones

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Have a hard time understanding the dialogue on your TV? Here’s the high-fidelity TV listening system that lets you hear clearly and distinctly—without disturbing others

Those new flat panel TVs are brilliant to watch, but in many cases terrible to hear because they use tiny little speakers. For many aging Boomers, understanding TV sound gets harder and harder, unless you crank up the volume and blast everyone else out of the room. Now you can improve the sound quality and intelligibility of your viewing with the easy-to-use Perfect Choice TV Listener. This system employs innovative Digital Clarity Power technology, which is unique in its ability to identify and specifically amplify the human voice. Some TV listening systems amplify every sound, and that’s like shouting to be understood as everyone else talks louder at once.

With this proprietary technology, you can hear your TV clearly and distinctly at your preferred volume, without affecting the sound level enjoyed by other viewers in the room or disturbing them with the louder volume you may require.

It’s Bluetooth and hearing aid compatible, and comes with a low-battery warning. The wireless headphones are ultra comfortable. They feature pillow-soft, memory foam ear cushions and an auto-adjusting headband. At the push of a button, you can hear conversations in the room without removing the headphones.

System is easy to connect, easy to operate. Just connect the transmitter to the TV or your cable box audio out, turn on the headphones and enjoy TV watching once again.

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