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HearClear TV Audio Enhancer

Hear Clear

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  • Improves your TV sound & voice clarity
  • No headphones or additional speakers needed
  • Makes high frequencies more accessible

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Clearly, the best sound enhancer around. No extra speakers...no confusing set-up... HearClear is the perfect television sound enhancement for you.

Television pictures are now a lot sharper since flatter panels and high resolution, but as they’ve become flatter, television sound has flattened out as well. To make TVs slimmer, speakers became much smaller. At the same time, in order to create surround-sound effects, television and movie studios have been adding more channels of sound, making the overall soundtrack crowded with sounds that affect your ability to hear dialogue. The result? You’re holding the remote and constantly turning the volume up and down, yet often still not understanding what you’re hearing.

What if you had your own personal audio engineer remastering the sound to make all your TV audio clearer and better? The voices would be distinct and in the forefront. The music would be more brilliant and realistic. The commercials would come in at the same volume as the shows. That’s what HearClear accomplishes. HearClear is a revolutionary product created by some of the most successful sound engineers in the movie and music industries. Without adding more speakers or requiring headphones, it makes television listening as wonderful as high def viewing.

When it comes to sound, louder is not always better. HearClear very simply connects to your TV to improve the clarity of voices, helping you more easily understand what’s being said. It reduces noise in the audio. It also controls peak levels and softens commercials that tend to run louder than regular programming. Amazingly, all sound seems to be brighter, clearer, and more lifelike.

So Easy to Connect

There are no extra menus or remotes to learn, no other calibrations to make. Just plug the HearClear between your cable box and your TV. That’s it. The extra HDMI cable is included. It’s so small you can tuck it behind your TV, even if it’s wall mounted.

Better Television Sound for Everyone

Hear Clear features innovative technology—and then goes a step beyond to incorporate that technology with enhancements that focus on voice clarity, ensuring that voices stand out with the greatest clarity on any audio soundtrack. Unlike other sound-enhancing products, HearClear retains the entire sound spectrum, increasing the impact of certain important sound effects while keeping the dialogue clearly out front. HearClear is designed with the kind of performance level developed for professional audiologists—now available for you from firstSTREET.

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