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HDTV Antenna

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  • Improves TV signals for better reception, even in poor signal areas
  • All-channel receiving, including signals in VHF, UHF and FM
  • High gain, low noise

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Price: $19.95


Enjoy HDTV channels on all your TVs—without the expensive cable (or satellite) boxes! And you’ll find more local channels than ever!

Did you know you can receive all your local channels in stunning HD quality just by adding this simple-to-use HD Antenna? Perfect for those extra TVs in rooms where you only need or want local channels?

Want to enjoy more local stations and better reception without paying that outrageous monthly bill for cable and extra boxes? Well, maybe all you need for great reception is a great antenna! If you already have an HDTV, it has the built-in technology necessary to pick up high-def signals. This high-powered amplified HDTV Antenna brings in clearer reception, even in poor signal areas.

You can enjoy a clear, sharp picture, whether the signal is weak or strong, because the antenna design allows you to optimize signal reception. You won’t need to be constantly moving the antenna around and about for the best reception, either. The easy-to-adjust control knob and tilt adjustment help lock in those harder-to-reach stations. The unit boosts signal strength from VHF, UHF or FM stations, and it works with any flat screen TV.

Best of all, there are no monthly fees, rental equipment, cable boxes, cable bills, contracts or extra charges for reception in other rooms. And you’ll be amazed at how many free stations you’ll be able to get. Cut the cord! You’ll save hundreds of dollars every year! Since those extra cable boxes for each room can cost as much as $10.00 per box per month – a single antenna can pay for itself in just a few months.

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