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Discreet Personal TV Listening System

Discreet Personal TV Listening System

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  • Hear TV at your own preferred sound level
  • No headphones needed
  • Easy to connect

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Hear TV without those annoying headphones

Here’s a personal volume control device for those who have a hard time understanding the TV without cranking the volume to the maximum level (and driving everyone else from the room). Wireless stereo speakers rest on the back of your chair or couch, on both sides of your head, tilting toward your ears to deliver crystal clear sound directly to you and you alone. Volume and mute controls are right on the speaker.

This system is super-easy to connect. A wireless transmitter (hidden discreetly behind the TV) sends the sound from the TV to the speakers, up to a distance of 80 feet. It uses an FM signal so line of sight between transmitter and receiver is not required to receive the signal. Works with any audio output.

A bonus: Unlike some TV listening systems, there’s no constant changing of batteries. This system is always ready when you are.

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