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Digital TV Tuner II

Digital TV Tuner II Digital TV Tuner II

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  • Convert that old analog TV to HD
  • Watch all available local HD broadcasts
  • Easy to use; just plug it in

Price: $49.95


Got an older, non-HD TV around the house (like an old tube TV)? Bring it back to life with this converter that allows you to watch your local HD broadcasts on an analog TV!

That old cathode ray tube TV you put aside when broadcasting went digital can come back in service with this simple-to-use tuner box. With a quick-and-easy plug-in connection to your old analog TV, the tuner receives and converts all local over-the-air digital signals into an analog signal that a non-HD TV can accept. You get local HD broadcast without the expense of cable or satellite.

Tuner will scan all the available channels in your area and lock them in. There’s even an electronic on-screen program guide that lets you see what’s on your available channels, up to seven days ahead!

Connectivity options work with just about any TV (or even with computer monitors, to convert them into a TV). Includes a full-function, big-button remote control. Requires two "AAA" batteries (not included). HD antenna required.

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