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Dialogue Speaker

Dialogue Speaker Dialogue Speaker

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  • Hear TV dialogue even at low volumes
  • Patented technology lifts voices for clarity
  • 6 levels of dialogue boost

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Price: $269.00


Hear your TV better—and tune the sound to your individual hearing needs

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear the dialogue on TV clearly and consistently again? To understand the newscasters, soap opera characters and talk show guests? Now there’s a speaker that incorporates sound technology to lift up voices, separating them from background sounds and enhancing their clarity. In fact, there are six levels of dialogue boosts that tailor sound to match the needs of your ears! Use the remote control to select boost for your individual preference.

For those with more advanced hearing challenges, the Dialogue Speaker is the best choice, offering power and unsurpassed performance. Although the speaker is capable of room-filling loudness, you may find yourself enjoying television at far lower listening levels due to the Dialogue’s unique sound processing. There’s also output leveling, to tame loud commercials. The unit is easy to set up inconspicuously in front of or to the side of your TV. There are mounts on the back so you can hang it on the wall, too.

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