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Classic Instant Print Camera II

Classic Instant Camera II Classic Instant Camera II
Classic Instant Camera II

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Point. Shoot. Print.

This is a perfect gift for Mom and Dad! Yes, this Classic Instant Camera has everything we used to love about those old instant pictures -- starting with the immediate gratification of holding a photo in your hands in seconds. No film processing and no computer required. Seniors love it because they already know exactly how to use it -- a familiar friend that’s an easy, useful item for all ages.

This camera is a retro idea, but with modern-era features. It instantly prints full-color 3.5" x 4.25" photos in about a minute. It’s out-of-the-box ready. Remember how easy it all was? Still is -- just snap a picture and print. (You don’t even have to shake the photo anymore!). There is a built-in automatic flash and an attachment for close-up shots.

Film sold separately. Click here to order film.

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