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35MM Power Zoom Camera

35MM Power Zoom Camera 35MM Power Zoom Camera
35MM Power Zoom Camera

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An old friend is back: An easy-to-use film camera -- the one you always loved!

It’s amazingly simple and very familiar -- a point-and-shoot 35mm film camera. You remember the way it was: Drop the film in the camera, point and shoot your photos, send the film out for developing and a few days later you have printed pictures to hold in your hand, spread out on the coffee table, or pass around the room.

Well, we now have that terrific film camera for you -- one with a power zoom , an automatic flash that includes red-eye reduction, and a viewfinder. What could be simpler? There’s also automatic film loading, film advance and rewind.

Camera requires one 6V lithium 2CR5 battery (not included). Be sure to check out our 35mm film and get ready to capture memories. This is a great gift for Mom or Dad or for anyone who gets nostalgic for the days when everything seemed simpler. For older adults, this camera is a familiar friend!

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