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Ultimate Amplified Phone

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  • Amplification so you hear them clearly
  • Amplification so they hear you clearly
  • Slow down your caller’s speech for easier understanding

Price: $199.95


You’ll hear your calls better . . . and your callers will hear you better, too

You expect “louder” and “clearer” from most any amplified phone, but here’s a new twist (several, in fact): Not only does this amplified phone with 50dB gain make your incoming calls much easier to hear and understand, it amplifies your voice (15dB), too, so your callers can hear you clearly as well.

And there’s this: With the push of a button, you can slow down the pace of your caller’s speech. We all know someone who tends to talk so rapidly on the phone that part of what is said is lost. Now, with slowtalk, you can reduce the speed of their words—just enough for easy comprehension—and without their knowing you’ve done it.

And there’s more: The Ultimate Amplified Phone links up to your Bluetooth-enabled cellphone, so you’ll be able to get these benefits on your cell as well. Cellphone calls will ring in on the amplified phone, so when home, you can enjoy ALL YOUR CALLS on this more comfortable and efficient phone with its amplification and other special features, too

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