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Amplified Cordless Phone and Answerer

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  • Amplify home or cellphone calls
  • Make calls with or without landline connection
  • Download up to 1000 cellphone contacts

Price: $129.95


Amplify your cellphone calls by routing them through this 40dB home phone!

This cordless, portable Bluetooth® phone with built-in digital answering machine is louder, clearer and simpler to use -- but in addition to 40dB amplification, it has another advantage you might not be familiar with: You can route your cellphone calls directly through it, giving you the benefit of 40dB amplification on all your calls, cellphone included. This is a considerable benefit since cellphones currently do not come with amplification.

And this amplification is distinctive: The technology clearly amplifies the incoming human voice while reducing the impact of any background noise in the caller’s environment.

Furthermore, use this phone with or without a landline connection: It’s able to harness your cellular signal to make outgoing calls, so you don’t need a landline to use it.

For those who appreciate good design, it’s a really attractive phone, too: Glossy black, nice big buttons, clean lines. The digital answering machine is built in. Download up to 1000 contacts from your cellphone via Bluetooth® and pair up to two Bluetooth® phones or headsets.

This is an especially helpful phone for seniors and the elderly who live alone, as well as for:

  • those with moderate-to-severe hearing loss (because of the amplification...the interference-free technology...the adjustable tone control...the six levels of ringtone volume...the loud-and-clear handset speakerphone...the visual ringer display...and this phone’s special ability to receive and amplify cellphone calls. It’s also hearing-aid compatible.)
  • those with low vision (because of the easy-to-read, high-contrast caller ID display...the large, easy-to-see dial pad...and the big pushbutton numbers) and
  • those with limited mobility (because of the large, easy-to-use keypad...the easy-to-hold shape...and because the phone is compact and can be kept close at hand in any room).

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