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Amplified Phones

Amplified Phone System

Amplified Phone System

"Louder. Clearer. Easier to Use.
Designed with seniors in mind."

  • Corded base phone and cordless handset
  • Stromg +40dB amplification
  • Simple, large buttons, and backlit displays
  • Expandable up to four cordless handsets (1 included)
Only $129.95
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Widescreen Captioned Telephone

Call Blocker

Deluxe Amplified Cordless Phone III

Deluxe Amplified Cordless Phone III Expandable Handset

Portable Telephone Amplifier

Jitterbug Cell Phone

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Captioned Telephone with Touchscreen

Captioned Telephone - Read Your Calls

Deluxe Big Button Amplified Corded Speakerphone

Deluxe Big Button Amplified Cordless Phone

Amplified Phone System

Expandable Handset for the Amplified Phone System
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