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Whole House Alert System

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A single unit notifies you and tracks activities under your roof.

Imagine, a single box that notifies you when the phone is ringing, the wake-up alarm is sounding and if the doorbell rings. The Whole House Alert System notifies you of what’s going on in your home by detecting and responding to sounds and other signs of activity. It’s a visual, sonic and vibration-based system. Your alert can be flashing lights, icons, a shaking bed and/or an audible signal.

The alarm will "scream" at up to 90 decibels -- loud enough so that virtually anyone can hear it and loud enough to make sure you awaken when the system receives a signal. The range is up to 200 feet, through walls and ceilings, wirelessly -- a distance that puts this unit light years ahead of similar systems.

For those experiencing an erosion of hearing and losing touch with everyday around-the-house activities, this is the perfect system for you. Simply place the unit with its big clock face at bedside and the system will pinpoint the sound and indicate the source visually with icons. The large icons will let you know at a glance when and where an alarm has gone off or a signal detected. The display is so big you can see it from a considerable distance. (It’s also bright, but it will adjust its brightness automatically to a gentle level so as not to interfere with your sleep.)

The system also comes with a wireless doorbell and a powerful bed shaker to waken and alert even the deepest sleeper. A personal notification pendant is also available to assist you in notifying others in the house that you need immediate assistance.

Installation is simple -- just plug it in. In the event of a power outage, there’s a battery power backup to ensure full operation for up to 48 hours.

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