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Telescoping Magnetic Retriever

Telescoping Magnetic Retriever Telescoping Magnetic Retriever

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  • Super-powerful magnet for retrieval
  • Grabs hard-to-reach items securely
  • Extends to 39"

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Price: $24.95


Don’t risk a fall by bending over to retrieve dropped keys and coins. Let this powerful Magnetic Retriever pick them up for you

This telescoping retriever uses a super-powerful magnet to grab hard-to-reach items and hold them securely. Use it to pick up pins, nails, dropped tools, utensils, bunches of keys—any item that contains ferrous metal such as steel. It can lift over 12 lbs and will never lose its power!

Only 9" long when retracted (fits easily into a purse), it stretches to 39" when fully extended. Head pivots for easier access to hard-to-reach items and a better pick-up grip.

A valuable aid to all of us who drop things we can’t reach, who hate to bend over, who have limited mobility and who just don’t want to get up—and it’s especially useful for seniors!

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