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Right Light

Right Light Right Light
Right Light

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  • A bold ray of LED light at the tip of a quality pen
  • Perfect for low-light environments - restaurants, crossword puzzle, etc
  • Comes with extra ink cartridge & battery

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Introducing the Right Light: This is what the “pen light” was always meant to be!

We can’t recall ever saying that a product is something every one of our readers should have on hand, but with Write Light, it’s tempting! This brilliant pen light features intense LED luminescence that can be more than useful in both crucial situations and everyday occurrences.

When the bill arrives in a darkened restaurant, how do you know it’s right if you can’t see it? (And is it even your bill at all?) When you’re struggling in a pitch-black night to find the right key for the front door, how long are you willing to wait to get safely inside? When you’re working the crossword puzzle in bed and can’t see the numbers . . ., well, you know. This is a pen light you’ll be using again and again, to shed much-needed light on so many moments of your life. Oh, yes—it’s also a fine, smooth-writing pen, one that looks classy and feels good and solid in your hand.

A strong pocket clip makes the pen easy to keep up with, and built-in threads make pen easy to hold and use. Comes with an extra ink cartridge and extra battery.

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