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Laser Scissors

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These scissors are not your typical scissors. They have a unique laser beam guide for accurate straight cuts by following the line projected from the onboard laser. These Laser Scissors cut straight every time! No more crooked cuts. Their stainless steel blades make them perfect for gift wrapping, fabrics, signs, and anything requiring a long cut.

When it comes to cutting a straight line there are many who are able to "eyeball" it and cut a straight line with no problem. On the other hand there are others who find it necessary to pre-mark or draw a line on the object to which they are cutting. If you are in the latter group, then allow us to introduce you to the "cutting edge technology" of Laser Scissors.

Mounted on the handle of the scissors is a laser light beam used to guide you while cutting for accurate straight cuts. Therefore eliminating the need to pre-mark, or draw a line on, the object to which you are cutting. The laser line, however, will only be as straight as your ability to hold the scissors, and the attached laser, itself perfectly steady.

Made of stainless steel the scissor blades are able to cut cleanly with their micro serrated edges regardless of whether you are cutting paper for scrap booking or a school project, fabric for a quilt or hemming a pair of trousers or wrapping paper when your wrapping a present.

Purchase your scissors, and start making those straight cuts today!

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