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Flea Be Gone

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  • A chemical-free way to safely kill fleas on pets
  • 100% safe for pets—even puppies and kittens
  • Battery operated

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No chemicals. No toxins. No pesticides. No pain. No stress. No fleas. Announcing a flea comb that works in a surprising new way!

Fleas have been making life miserable for animals since the time of the dinosaurs, so no wonder your dog, cat and probably your whole household still struggle with the problem today.

This battery-operated flea comb is 100% safe and stress free for pets, but every flea that comes in contact with the comb gets a mild electrical zap of farewell. To your cat or dog, this “flea treatment” feels exactly like grooming . . . which it is. And because it’s familiar and comfortable, pets—even puppies and kittens—enjoy it. That means you’re likely to groom and de-flea more often since the process is easy, non-messy and convenient.

Another benefit: There are no chemicals, toxins or pesticides to cause trouble for your pets or to stain or soil your furniture. It’s a win-win, except for the fleas.

Comb is lightweight, easy to use and cost effective. Use it on short- or long-haired pets, combing them as you usually do. It’s reusable so you can repeat treatment periodically. Comes with cleaning brush. Requires two “AA” batteries (not included).

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