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Distant Companion

Distant Companion Distant Companion

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  • A quick & easy way to stay connected
  • Let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them
  • As simple as a touch of your hand

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Show someone how much you care

Now you can reach out to the people you care about, effortlessly, spontaneously, even daily. With the Distant Companion, your loved ones will instantly know they’re being thought of and are not alone.

Whenever you touch your Distant Companion, lamps linked to yours through Wi-Fi will “magically” turn on, whatever city, state or country they’re located in. Each lamp will light up in a color you choose for yourself, and your loved ones will know you are thinking of them at that very moment. If they wish, they can then touch their own Distant Companion, responding to you with their chosen identifying color.

It’s a great way to use today’s technology in quintessential fashion: Nothing complicated, but faster than cards or flowers. It’s just a simple touch that says, without words, “Good morning,” or “I’m here,” or “I love you.” How invaluable is a thinking-of-you contact when isolation and loneliness are so widespread? Distant Companion is instant communication—and no less heartfelt for being quick and easy.

A set of two is a good start—one for you and one for a special loved one who is perhaps too far away to hug. An unlimited number of lamps can be added, each offering numerous color choices and displays. Each location must have its own Wi-Fi/Internet connection.

Distant Companion make a great gift for parents, grandparents or friends, especially those who are elderly, in ill health or who live alone. With Distant Companion, you can always stay in touch.

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