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Digital Luggage Scale

Digital Luggage Scale

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This is a compact (10 oz.), easy-to-use luggage scale that shows you instantly if your bag exceeds airline weight restrictions. Able to weigh up to 100 lbs. (44 kgs.), it displays the weight of your luggage on a large, easy-to-read digital display. This must-have tool for every traveler is compact for easy storage and transport.

Never again will you have to worry about whether or not your luggage exceeds the airline weight limit. With the compact Digital Luggage Scale you will be able to easily weigh your luggage before you even leave your home. And the scale is so small and lightweight that you can take it along on your trip and have it ready to weigh your baggage in your hotel room for the return trip, once you load up on souvenirs, shopping purchases or business reports.

Specifically designed for travelers and baggage handlers, the scale has a very strong strap to securely attach it to the luggage that’s being weighed. There are no hooks to contend with, as with other personal scales. The unit’s big digital display will show you the weight of the luggage in either kgs. or lbs.

What makes this unit especially convenient is its automatic-hold feature. That feature allows you to lift your luggage with the scale, set the luggage down on the floor, and then read the weight on the display. With this feature you do not have to attempt to read the weight with the bag in midair or while lifting the bags, as you do with some other scales.

This luggage scale is not only easy to use but very, very practical. Won’t it be great to put an end to over-weight fees once and for all?

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