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Auto Finder - Locate Your Car Easily

Car Tracker Device Automobile Tracking System

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Automobile Tracking System - Avoid the frustration and embarrassment associated with "misplacing" your car in a parking lot.

We’ve all done it - failed to remember exactly where we parked our car. Was it on the red or green floor of the parking garage? Outside which entrance of the department store? This Automobile Tracking System - the Auto-Finder - is a discreet, small, handheld pointer that fits on your keychain, yet is powerful enough to indicate the direction of your vehicle from up to 1/2 mile away - even in a multilevel parking garage. Forget what your rental car looked like? No problem! Cars all covered up with snow while you shopped? No problem! Direction indicators on this car tracker device include lighted arrows and sound.

Includes the Auto-Finder, remote, batteries, carrying case, and a bonus belt case.

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