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Store sensitive information outside your computer, away from hackers and ID thieves.

All those important personal, family and financial files usually stored in your computer can now be easily secured and saved outside the computer instead -- and yet be instantly available for callup! SecureDrive offers USB encryption to protect your sensitive information and aid in preventing identify theft and hacking.

Just plug this innovative product into your laptop or desktop with the USB cord that’s included, and transfer your important records from the computer onto this pocket-sized lock pad. Unlike a regular flash drive, no one can access your SecureDrive information even if you lose it or absentmindedly leave it around. It requires your personal key code to access the content, and -- GET READY FOR THIS -- if anyone tries to break into it, it releases a chemical that corrupts your information.

Protect sensitive financial and personal info such as credit card records, alarm codes, insurance information, old tax forms -- all the things you’d never want "out there". SecureDrive is also helpful in keeping your records in one place and getting things organized.

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