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Retracta Safety Cord

Retracta Safety Cord

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  • No-trip extension cord
  • Winds up safely inside case
  • Up to 5-ft. length

Price: $24.95


Never trip over an extension cord again!

Can you imagine how many people trip over extension cords each year? This one will be out of sight and out of the way at all times. It winds neatly inside its case—just pull it out to the length you need to reach from the floor lamp to the wall outlet, from the bedside clock to the outlet on the far side of the bed, or for any other place you need an extension cord when a standard five-foot cord is TOO MUCH.

There’s no excess to trip you up or to create an ugly cord scene in the middle of your décor. The part of the cord you don’t need stays neatly stored away unless and until you need it; then you can wheel it all in when you’re through with use. Retracta Safety Cord extends up to a five-foot length, with two-outlet access on the side.

This is an excellent safety aid to seniors and the elderly, adults living alone and those with impaired vision.

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