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Novella Tablet Reader

Novella Tablet Reader Novella Tablet Reader
Novella Tablet Reader

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  • eReader works with most eBook libraries
  • Large print size - 30 points or more
  • It’s also an Android tablet computer
  • Easy to use touch-screen technology

Price: $199.98
Was: $299.00

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We’ve got the color Electronic Reader that doesn’t require reading glasses!

This eReader is nearly universal -- it works with just about any e-book platform including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And you can adjust the print size all the way to 30 or more, which is 60% larger than the standard for large-print texts! (Many dedicated readers enlarge to a 16-point size, yet large-print texts are typically printed in an 18-point font.) Because it has a high-resolution color LCD screen, it’s great in any light, from sunlight to nearly complete darkness -- just reverse the font to white-on-black.

Many local libraries are adding e-books for checkout so you have access to thousands of free loaner books in addition to the hundreds of thousands of titles available at e-bookstores. This handheld e-Reader is less than half-an-inch thick and can hold thousands of books at a time: You’ll never have to make space in your luggage, purse, or briefcase for your books again.

Not only is the Novella perfect for anyone who likes to read, it’s also a powerful portable computer -- great for browsing the Internet, checking email and even playing games, all in a simple-to-use handheld device. It even comes with a snazzy and unique touch-screen technology.

Access any of the software applications and emails with a tap of a finger on the screen. And many screens can be easily zoomed with two fingers. You can even flip the unit sideways and the screen rotates for you. The Novella Tablet Reader uses the full 8" screen, not just the top part as with some readers. The keyboard (a large one!) is built in at the bottom of the screen, but it disappears when not needed.

Enjoy pre-loaded senior-related programs and games such as Sudoku and Solitaire, with thousands more available online.

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