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My Parents Get Windows 7

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  • A Computer Guide that’s perfect for Boomers & Beyond!
  • Easy instructions for Windows and the Live Essentials program, including Live Mail and Photo Gallery
  • Plus computer basics, too

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The best Windows 7 Guidebook for Boomers and Beyond!

My Parents Get Windows 7 is a guidebook for novice users new to Windows 7, the latest upgrade to the Windows line. This book offers easy instructions on Windows Live Essentials programs, including Live Mail and Photo Gallery.

It teaches you to use the new taskbar and the home networking system. Learn how to share files, music, etc., and learn new ways to keep programs and files handy. Enjoy email with photos, attachments, and links - and get the most out of your digital pictures. This guidebook is an invaluable aid to users of Windows 7.

Other guidebooks in the "My Parents..." series include My Parents’ First Computer and Internet Guide, My Parents’ Computer Guide: Beyond the Basics, and My Parents Went Mac! This guidebook, My Parents Get Windows 7, is the latest in the series, and all 4 books are available from firstSTREET.

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