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Women's Atomic Digital Watch

Womens Atomic Digital Watch

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  • Synchronizes with official U. S. time for total accuracy
  • Sleek, fashionable design
  • Large, easy-to-read display

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LADIES: It’s finally our turn to own an attractive ATOMIC digital watch of our own!

We’ve all seen the heavy steel “definitely male” atomic watches advertised in recent years, and no matter how much we women, too, wanted a watch that we’d never have to set, that always gave us absolutely correct time and date, and that had all the bells and whistles—well, it didn’t happen... until now.

Here’s a sleek, slim and pretty-in-pink atomic watch—with pink highlights, blue backlight and expansion bracelet band! It’s technologically terrific but femininely fashionable. And there’s no need to set it!

Watch constantly synchronizes with the official U. S. time kept at Ft. Collins, Colorado—and accepts atomic signals from Germany, Japan and the UK, too. When you travel, you can set it for time zones all over the world, of course. It resets itself for Daylight Savings and shows day and month on a large LCD display. Water resistant, too. And, ladies, it’s ours!

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