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Talking Timer Clock

Talking Timer Clock Talking Timer Clock
Talking Timer Clock

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  • A talking countdown clock
  • No more burnt meals!

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The perfect kitchen companion for those with vision issues!

Regain control of oven use with this helpful Talking Timer -- or use it in other rooms whenever and wherever timing is important, such as when you’re cleaning, exercising, playing games, trying to remember your medicine or your soap opera, and more.

The clock counts down the time you’ve got left at or before a particular task, and a crisp, pleasant voice periodically announces how much time’s left before you should turn off the oven, leave for your appointment or be ready for houseguests. (The voice announcement will alert you aloud every ten minutes in the final hour, every minute in the final ten minutes, every ten seconds in the last minute and every second in the last ten seconds.) You’ll hear the time under and over the countdown to zero.

The Timer Clock will also speak the time of day aloud with one touch of a button. There are six different selectable alarm sounds, too (whistling kettle, car horn, bell, bouncing coil, cuckoo and beep). It’s easy to program and use -- the clock’s "voice" will walk you through the set-up and use. It’s small and portable: Clip it to your belt, take it from room to room or hang it on any metal surface, such as the fridge or stove -- there’s a super-strong magnet on the back.

This is a useful product for anyone with vision problems and a help for the hard of hearing who might not hear an oven or dryer alert. And it’s an excellent aid for those with memory problems, who might forget that something’s in the oven or atop the stove.

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