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Talking Atomic Digital Watch

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  • Talking time, date & alarm time set
  • Large digital backlit display
  • Always accurate to the second

Price: $59.95


A talking watch that’s digital, atomic and sets itself! (If it were any smarter, it would save time!)

Yes, this casual, attractive watch has just about everything a senior could ask for-or anyone else, for that matter. First, it’s super easy because you never have to set it. It constantly synchronizes itself with the official U.S. time as kept in Ft. Collins, Colorado. The watch incorporates a highly sensitive radio receiver that receives time signals not just from within the USA but also from Germany and the UK-great for the traveler! It also resets itself where applicable for daylight saving time.

Second, it has a large, easy-to-read digital LCD display of the correct time. Display is big enough to make it easy to see, easy to read. There’s also a backlight that turns on with the push of a button.

Third, you don’t even need to look at the display because the watch speaks the time and date aloud at the push of a button. There’s also an alarm—set it once and it alerts you at that time daily. Talking feature can be turned off at times when you want it quieted.

Watch is water resistant and comes with a wide, comfortable strap band. (Note: With talking feature, large display and backlight, this is a great timepiece for the visually impaired, of course!)

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