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Sleep Clock

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  • 10 soothing sounds of nature to help you sleep
  • AM/FM radio with built-in digital tuner
  • Dual alarm

Price: $44.95


10 soothing sounds to send you off to dreamland!

This AM/FM digital Clock Radio brings you the sounds of nature, to create a tranquil mood so you can relax, rest and renew. From a running brook to the gentle pitter-patter of rain, these soft soothing sounds will wrap you in peace. Choices include ocean waves, heartbeat, summer night, tropical forest, rainfall, running stream, songbirds, rainforest, thunderstorm and white noise.

If you have trouble going to sleep or sleep in a noisy environment, this is just what you need. The radio music or custom sounds will help to block everything from street noise to snoring! Features built-in digital tuner, blue backlight and dual alarm so it’s a great clock for two people. Operates on AC adapter (included) or four "AA" batteries (not included).

Item #: 23134

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