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Large Display Touchscreen Watch

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  • Large Display and Numbers - easy to see from any distance!
  • Easy to Use touchscreen - on when you want it, off when you don’t - protects the battery life
  • While Supplies Last - No Backorders

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Price: $3.88
Was: $19.95

Due to popular demand, the black and the blue Large Display Touchscreen Watches are no longer available.


Teens love these big, bold, colorful Touchscreen Watches!

You can see the fun from across the room -- big, attention-grabbing LED watches with giant numbers, a giant display screen, and the widest of bands in the brightest of colors!

Watches are equipped with a sensor that displays the time at a touch of the watch face. The display flashes the time, month, day, seconds -- whichever you wish -- with an automatic shut-off in five seconds to conserve the battery.

They’re easy to set -- and certainly easy to see! Seniors love them, too -- especially the huge numbers, large display area and the easy touchscreen access to the time. These clever watches are teen-inspired, but suitable for all ages -- a very 21st century gift item in the age of "gee whiz" ideas! Specify greenwhite.

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