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Ladies Elegant Atomic Watch

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  • It’s atomic...and attractive!
  • It sets itself!

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Price: $99.95

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Our most elegant ladies atomic watch -- and it sets itself!

Here’s a really good-looking ladies Atomic Watch, with a stainless steel case and easy-to-read silver numbers. You’ll wear it everywhere -- it’s classy, yet designed to withstand all your daily activities.

And won’t it be nice to never have to set your watch again! This watch receives a radio signal from the national atomic clock in Ft. Collins, CO, and automatically sets itself, staying accurate to within one second of the official U.S. government time. It even resets itself for daylight saving time.

This is a perfect gift for Mom -- she’ll never have to worry about setting it, and she’ll always have the correct time at hand! It’s also perfect for world travelers. The watch is able to receive time signals not just from the USA but from Germany, UK and Japan as well. Simply reset your time zone as you travel abroad.

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