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Day Clock - A Unique Wall Clock That Shows Days Instead of Time!

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This clock is unlike any traditional clock you have seen. It does not have one single number on its face, just the days of the week. This is a clock specifically designed for those who don’t have to worry about punching in or out at work, who don’t have to report for meetings at a specific time, who aren’t tethered to a day planner and who need only remember which day they will be heading out to the golf course or the grandkids’ house. Basically, this is a clock for those to whom "time" means "leisure time."

It’s brilliantly simple in its concept and design. The face of the clock is divided into seven segments, each representing a day of the week. The line dividing each of the segments represents midnight, and the midway point of each day, noon, is represented by a small dash mark in the middle of each day. The "day hand" will make one full revolution every 168 hours, representing the passing of another week. This fun, devil-may-care clock is available in mahogany.

A great novelty gift for anyone you know who "loses" a day every now and then, and a must-have in every vacation or beach home... because who really cares what time it is when you’re on vacation, right? Bet you know exactly the perfect person you should buy one for--in addition to yourself, of course.

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