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Day Clock Maple Contemporary

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Sometimes it’s nice to know what the day of the week and the time without having to look at both a calendar and a clock. With one quick glance at our three-handed Contemporary Day Clock you’ll know what day it is...along with the time!

Brilliantly designed to be both beautiful and functional, the Contemporary Day Clock will look great in the office, home or in your new motor home. The clock easily combines the information of the Classic Day Clock, the day of the week, with a traditional wall clock, the time of day. The portion of the clock that displays the day is divided into seven segments, each representing a day of the week. The line dividing each of the segments represents midnight. The "day hand" will make one full revolution every 168 hours representing the passing of another week.

Buy this fun gift for yourself or for someone you know! Once you do you’ll always know if it’s Friday.

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