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Atomic Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Atomic Twin Bell Alarm Clock

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  • Classic twin-bell battery clock
  • Atomic accuracy
  • Large, easy-to-read face

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A vintage-look twin-bell alarm clock -- but with modern-day atomic time accuracy!

The fun look of an old-fashioned classic clock combined with the latest atomic timekeeping technology. The hands set themselves automatically with split-second accuracy using the radio signal broadcast from the National Atomic Clock in Colorado. Just set the clock to your local time zone, and it’s ready to go. It will even adjust itself by radio control for daylight saving time as necessary.

There’s a sweep second hand, luminous hour and minute hands, and a dial face that illuminates on demand. Prominent black numbers (1/2" high) are contrasted against the jumbo white face for easy visibility.

The alarm will wake you with a penetrating bell-ringing, but you can snooze for extra nine-minute naps after the alarm sounds. Bells, legs and handle are chrome-plated metal, and the cabinet is black. Clock is 7" high; clock face is 4" in diameter.

Seniors and adults who remember having a twin-bell clock years ago will enjoy this updated version, especially since this "reincarnation" provides accurate time, all the time. Requires one "C" battery (not included).

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