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Balanced Spectrum LED Floor Lamp

Balanced Spectrum LED Floor Lamp Balanced Spectrum LED Floor Lamp

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  • Now with LED brightness!
  • Uses less power
  • Saves you money

Price: $79.95
Purchase 2 or more for only $69.95 each!


The perfect floor lamp, now brighter than ever

firstSTREET is pleased to introduce our newest Balanced Spectrum floor lamp, which is also very much the original one. The same space-saving design, the same perfect color rendering, the familiar easy on/off, and there’s still that amazing ability to make words seem to leap right off the page. So what’s new?

Never Replace another Bulb!*

Our original best-seller now comes with an energy-saving LED bulb, increasing the wattage from 850 lumens to 1100 lumens. The additional brightness level is readily noticeable, especially for those with aging eyes! Other advantages? An LED emits less heat, uses less energy and saves you money. And, thanks to their incredible long life, you’ll never replace the bulb again!

Easy on the eyes, easy on the wallet

The new Balanced Spectrum LED Floor Lamp also features a NEW diffuser, to contain the intensity of the light and reduce glare that might interfere with others in the room. There is a consequent increase in efficiency, as the diffuser ensures that the light is well focused for the person sitting next to it, not scattered and lost off to the side. And did we mention you will never have to replace the bulb again?

Greater efficiency. Greater brightness. Greater savings. Welcome to the next generation of Balanced Spectrum lighting.

*LED lighting does not use traditional bulbs, so there aren’t any “bulbs” you can replace. This latest technology, in addition to using a lot less energy, also last much longer. Studies show that with use for five hours a day, the lamp will last for over 20 years!

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