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Wireless TV Speaker System

Wireless TV Speaker System Wireless TV Speaker System
Wireless TV Speaker System

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  • Brings the sound to your seat
  • Voice clarifying digital technology
  • Amplifies dialogue over background noise so you hear what’s being said
  • Up to 8 hours on a charge

Price: $179.95


Bring TV sound right next to your chair -- no more straining to hear or disturbing others!

Bring the TV sound right to your side -- and enjoy it without headphones, without blasting the ears of housemates, and without a complicated setup. This rechargeable wireless speaker provides natural, crystal-clear stereo TV sound. It features our Original Dialogue adjustable voice enhancing that makes each word more intelligible and easier to comprehend.

Speaker’s volume control works independently from that of the television so you can turn the TV volume down or off. Lightweight and portable -- works inside or outside home, up to 100 feet away (there’s even a convenient handle). Setup is quick and easy -- and there’s one-dial operation.

Up to eight hours of listening time on a charge. Transmitter is also the charging dock for the battery -- and there’s a low-battery indicator!

This is a useful product for those with mild-to-moderate hearing issues, for seniors with "aging ears," for those aspiring to independent living and those aging in the home.

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