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No-Blue Wireless Speaker for Cell Phone, iPad or MP3 Player

No Blue Wireless Speaker No Blue Wireless Speaker

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  • Loud, clear sound from an MP3 player or phone
  • No cords, wires or cables

Price: $29.95


A wireless speaker for your phone or MP3 player that gives room-filling sound!

This is really cool -- and the perfect Christmas gift for the teens or kids in your family! Simply place your phone, iPad or MP3 player atop this portable speaker for sound you can actually hear and enjoy. You won’t believe the volume you can get out of this little box!

No cords, no wires, no cables -- and no Bluetooth required. Speaker is small and portable, but with big sound. Teens and kids will love this -- it works with any device with a built-in speaker. Requires three "AA" batteries (not included).

Item #: 01801

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