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My TV Sound

My TV Sound My TV Sound
My TV Sound

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  • Enjoy TV at the volume you prefer
  • No more disturbing others with too-loud TV
  • 26-foot range

Price: $39.95


Listen to TV at your preferred volume while others in the room listen at theirs

No more blasting family members out of the room with the loud TV volume you require—or no more struggling to make out the dialogue when you listen at the lower volume they prefer. With the My TV Sound wireless headphone system, everybody’s happy because no one is disturbed when the TV is too loud to tolerate or too low to hear.

How much would you like comfortable, cushioned, lightweight earcups? These are soft and pleasant to wear for extended periods. There are no wires or cords to hang from your ears, and they extend to fit perfectly.

System is simple to connect and operate. There’s a powerful 26-foot range (even works through walls), so you can get up and move around a bit. FM tuner is built in, if you’d like to listen to radio when not watching TV. Transmitter is also a handy headphone stand—you’ll always know where your headset is!

This is a helpful product for seniors and the elderly or anyone with hearing problems, as well as those who just prefer a high volume as part of their TV-watching experience. It can bring a new peace and quiet to family living! Transmitter and headphones each require two "AAA" batteries (not included).

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