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LP Saver® IV

Vinyl Records to CD LP Saver IV

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  • Nostalgic Wooden Turntable
  • Records LPs and cassettes to CD format
  • No computers needed

Price: $279.00


Play and enjoy your favorite albums and tapes as you record them to CD!

Have you put off transferring your classic old record albums to CD format because you expected it to be a complicated process, or because you thought you’d need a computer? Well, it’s amazingly easy with our all-in-one music duplicating system that records your favorite albums and cassettes directly to CDs, as you play them. No computer needed, nor any special know-how.

It’s so easy, and at any time during recording you can pause to select specific songs, turn the album or cassette over, or change albums or cassettes to create your very own music mix. Then play your music CDs wherever you go -- in the car, the kitchen, on your boom box, on the porch -- everywhere.

More than just a recorder, this system plays 45s, 78s, 33s and cassette tapes -- and it has a built-in AM/FM stereo radio and a CD player/recorder, all housed in a nostalgic 40s-era wooden cabinet. The classic design, ease of operation, the two built-in stereo speakers and familiar turntable will take you right back to the days when life was simpler.

Bet the older adults and senior citizens you know have a stack of vinyl records on a bookshelf just waiting for this Album Saver -- and maybe you do, too! Includes remote that requires two "AAA" batteries (not included).

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