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Complete Audio Bible

Complete Audio Bible

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  • Word-for-word reading of the entire New Testament
  • Featuring the magnificent voice of James Earl Jones
  • 19 hours of soothing, crystal-clear audio

Price: $49.95


One of the greatest voices of all time reading the greatest words ever written!

Could there be a better voice to read the Bible aloud to us than James Earl Jones? Whether for Bible study, your resolution to read more of the Bible in 2014, or simply spiritual inspiration, James Earl Jones reading the Bible aloud to you is the most enjoyable way to accomplish your goal. Relax to more than 19 hours of soothing, crystal-clear audio as you sit back and immerse yourself in all 27 books of the New Testament.

It’s a 14-disc set, with word-for-word readings from the King James Version of the Bible. Listen anywhere, anytime -- in the car, as you cook or work, while you wait -- even in bed because you won’t need lights to hear the audio Bible. Relax, close those tired eyes, and simply listen -- or read along if you wish. Discs come in secure folios to protect them, to prevent scratches, and to provide you with dust-free storage.

This is a helpful item also for those with aging eyes or impaired vision, and useful for the disabled and those with arthritis or arm and hand mobility issues.

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